News from our R&D division

We are making dBSea even better

Our oceans are complex three-dimensional environments, and it can be daunting for land-dwellers such as our-selves to grasp a world where going over or under objects is as easy as going around them. 
However, sound propagation very much takes place in all three dimensions.

So while dBSea did take into account that sound can pass through sediment and even small islands, sound has not yet moved horizontally around corners. We are incorporating this part of sound propagation into dBSea right now, and I for one, is quite exited about the results!
Above are two scenarios from Nantucket Bay/Sound, solved with 3D-solving and 2D-solving respectively. I find it especially amazing to see the calculated sound interference patterns in the space behind land that casts an acoustic shadow.
We are currently working to optimise and validate the upgraded solvers, and are looking forward to bringing them to the market when we are ready.

Thanks for reading!