Unpredictable critters

Unpredictable Critters Last time I wrote a post it was on the introduction of moving receivers in dBSea (link to post).
in this post I want to visit the topic of deciding what paths the moving receivers/animals should take in our scenario.

I start with a few assumptions:
Animals only swim away if the noise is above a certain threshold.Animals swim directly away from the source at all times.Animals have some error in their heading (± 10 degrees), meaning that "2." above will have some random error to it.Animals have a max evasion swmming speed (you're free to complicate things by introducing a dose-response swimming speed!).Noisy vessels move in straight lines.Constants for this post:
The vessel moves at 2.5 m/s (think seismic survey vessel).Vessel source level is 220 dB RMSTranmission loss is given by: TL = 15 x log(range). For impact modelling in these types of surveys it's ofte assumed that the animals will swim perpendicular to the survey line from the moment they s…

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