Moving with the times

Feature sneak peak  We've been working hard to move dBSea along, and while we're still working on making the 3D solvers ready, we've almost finished another feature that we quite like, and hope that you will too.

We now have a working alpha version of moving receivers, allowing for a much better estimation of animal impact by probing realistic routes used for daily foraging or seasonal migration.

We've also added a few tools to make data extraction easier, the first of which is a simple received level over time. If you set dBSea to remember all source positions then the individual movement of source(s) and moving receivers will be taken into account. In figure 2 the source is stationary, while in figures 5,7 & 9 the source is moving.

In the defaults settings dBSea shows you the maximum level at any depth at each position. The moving receiver lets you view the variation in level with depth at each point. In figure 3 the depth-vs-level is shown, with green lines bei…

Bending the rules

One size fits all?


Update 2.2 - Focus on getting your data in and out

Importing bathymetry, the basis of your model

A side-on view

dBSea 2.1

Dolphins in Greece

On the bottom

one, one hundred, one thousand or ten thousands?

Catch you on the flip side (of sound) - Updated!

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