Wildlife encounter in the Shannon Estuary

A little time for the local wildlife.

I was recently in the Shannon Estuary with Irish Whale and Dolphin Group Consulting, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology and Irwin Carr Consulting to gather information before undertaking a noise related job. We were treated to a lovely sighting of some of the very animals that we work with the industry to protect. The dolphins here are all bottlenose dolphins, a rather large dolphin, that many people will remember from the classic "Flipper" TV-show  (1964-67).
in the video you can hear Joanne and Simon from IWDG Consulting trying to get pictures of the dorsal fins, to add and compare the individuals we saw with a database on land, and this way better understand the population dynamics of the local population.

It will always be a special experience for us to see these animals were they live. Too often, we cannot see the fauna in the area, because it is small or simply because it lives underwater in a world much harder to access.