Christmas has come - a year with dBSea

Christmas and New Years can be a time to look back and see what's changed in the past year and to think about what might happen next year.

The dBSea software has spread out over the globe, and we hope that this will lead to new and exiting uses of the program! (Wonder when the first landlocked country is added to the map?).

dBSea has been spreading over the world - we-re not up to Santa-speeds yet, but we're still expanding.
(I guess I really should have coloured in the territorial waters instead of the land.)
We have seen some changes to the software, especially on the graphical output side. This has made interpreting noise levels easier than ever before. Also quick adjustment of model noise levels and more support when importing external data has made dBSea better still.

On the graphical side we've gone from cumbersome (layer-by-layer) GIF 3D visualisation to native 3D output, making eye-catching outputs easy.
I used to merge all layers into an animation to visualise the soundscape.

After some updates, I can visualise in 3D instantly.
This year has also seen the creation of this blog, with the all-time reader favourite "It all depends who's listening", while "The difference of a few knots" has barely any reads at all (you could be the first-ish to read it!). I will continue to post here as ideas pop up, or are e-mailed/commented to me from readers.

We will continue to develop the software with both regards to ease of use and accuracy in the coming year. 

This autumn I took dBSea for a trip to Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, where we used dBSea as a giant test-tank for marine acoustic experiments with a crowd of marine biologist students who all got a hands-on experience. 
Rumour has it that there will be a training course in underwater acoustics next spring in Ireland, with focus on application of noise estimation and environmental legislation, for both students, legislaters, NGO's, consultants and others interested in underwater noise.

Thanks for reading and Happy Christmas and New Year to you from us!