New updated dBSea out (1.3.6)

A new version is out!
This time it's mostly performance tweaks, as some users had problems with their huge data sets.

But I'll try to highlight a couple of other new features, that I think are especially useful.

The new "+" & "-" buttons:
Figure 1: The new "+" & "-" buttons allow for quick adjustment of overall source level, without running the solver again. 
The buttons allow a quick adjustment of source level, and are updated instantaneously in the graphic layer without the need to recompute the model.
Below I reduce the output by 12 dB
Figure 2: Vibration pile driving in the Corrib gas field off County Mayo. Source level reduced 12 dB in the right hand scenario.
This can also be used as a "quick-and-dirty" mitigation estimation, as no recomputing is needed.

Also new, an automatic setting of layer opacity to suit viewing mode. So that when viewing in 3D (as Figure 1 & 2) the opacity is low, giving you the ability to see all layers simultaneously. When viewing transects the opacity setting is automatically set to "high".
Figure 3: Opacity is now automatically set high for transects.
Last but not least - The save/load function has been reworked to run very neatly and fast - so get your big project out and feel the changes!