Hello World!

Hi and welcome to our blog on underwater acoustics.
The blog will primarily concern itself with the acoustic modelling program "dBSea" by Marshall Day Acoustics. I will try to incorporate interesting stories from our daily experiences in underwater acoustics so you can be part of them too, and maybe I'll have a change at poking at your curiosity.

Our programmer, Martin, has started making some small videos demonstrating what dBSea can do. What's really striking is how simple the user interface is and how easy it is to get great results in minutes.

He is setting up a simple scenario with one source (vibration pile driving) just off the coast of Los Angeles. I'm personally excited by how quick and easy this is to set up.
In the next weeks I'll be getting my hands on some more real life data that I'll get to model myself. I'm told it includes shipping noise from the Shannon estuary here in Ireland. The estuary is an important area for many Irish bottle-nose dolphins, but there's also much noise from human activities. By modelling the noise we can help planning and mitigating noise-generating activities so they do not cause harm to our environment.